Photo and Video Documentaries
Celebratin Video

It is often said that a picture captures a moment and freezes it in time. Video captures that moment and retells it for all time. Nothing else can capture the emotions that play across the face as vows are pledged to love for life, the gaze of pride from father to son at a bar-mitzvah, the precious sound of a child´s laughter as they blow out their candles, or the wise words of wisdom for to the new couple offered by grandparents after years of union.

Nothing but the best will do for such important subject matter. A Magic Moment uses the finest broadcast-quality, completely portable and wireless, low-light cameras and equipment. Each camera is manned to ensure the best possible coverage of your event; nothing is left to chance.

Our professional editing team will go through the available footage of your event and weave a video production that tells the story of that special day and the people living it. We want you to feel the way you felt on that day every time you watch this story. To relive it and feel it all again. We offer three different editing styles, giving you options to fit your tastes and budget.

Premium Video
Our Premium Video uses a broadcast quality camera and equipment to capture all the special memories of this monumental passage in life. We open with a musical segment that can include pictures provided by you. The service is included in its entirety, edited carefully to ensure it flows with a polished elegance. A second musical collage follows, highlighted by family photos and footage from the room set-up and cocktail reception. All the key elements of your reception are featured before closing with a musical recap of all the highlights of this special day.

Deluxe Video
The Deluxe Video includes all elements available in the Premium Video, but also features more complex editing. Freeze frames, slow motion, audio dubs and other special effects are used to create a smooth transition between frames and segments. The event is shown from start to finish, but the video content is edited more extensively for a more polished, more entertaining view of the magical moments of the day.

State-of-the-Art Video
Take the most special moments and events from the service and reception and condense them into a fast-paced, highly entertaining video that you will enjoy watching with friends and family over and over again. This Hollywood-style production features the same coverage of the Premium and Deluxe, but expands the special effects and editing techniques offered in the Deluxe style. The result is a forty minutes highlight tape that tells the story of momentous occasion through a series of musical vignettes, featured footage from the service and reception, and a moving & heartfelt recap of the entire day. A tape of the entire unedited version is also included to ensure that you are not missing any special moments not incorporated in our edited masterpiece.

We offer three formats for DVD:

Basic - the same as the VHS footage, but offers the advantages of DVD (superior quality, longevity of material, convenience in viewing.) The cost is $200 for the first DVD and $100 for each additional copy.

Enhanced - has chapter points based on time intervals (4 minutes; 8 minutes, 12 minutes, etc). The price for that is $250 for the first DVD and $100 for each additional copy.

Custom - has chapter points that separate elements of your event such as vows, dances, montage, etc. so you can choose the chapters menu and go immediately to your favorite scenes. The chapter points also print on the cover of the actual DVD. The cost for Custom is $350 for the first DVD, and $100 for each additional copy.

Video Montage
A themed video is composed of a collage of family pictures, slides, videos and movie clips projected on a large screen during the reception. This video can be as simple as a slide show set to music, or as elaborate as a themed documentary telling the life story. We can include interviews from friends and family members if you wish. This presentation is usually an average of 10 minutes and is completely customized to reflect the style and story of the person featured. Prices is depending on the extent of editing involved.

You live the magic, We capture the moment