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A Magic Moment has set the standard in photography. We like to intimately work with every family to create their unique photography package. We believe that each festivity has its own uniqueness and it is the photographer’s duty to render photographs that express the unique beauty and personality of all those involved. Since no two events are the same, often due to differing needs, personalities, budgets, and styles, we strive to customize our packages to you. We take the time and effort prior to the day to closely learn about our clients’ wishes and needs. We want to tailor a photography package that caters to the individual customer needs. You can choose from our outstandingly bound Flush library albums, to our stylish Cypress albums. Should you desire to substitute your album style after your event, a credit can be issued towards the album of your choice. We are here to accommodate you.

Through a mixture of traditional and candid photos, we record the details and happenings of your event to preserve your memories. Black & white, color, photojournalistic, traditional, or contemporary—whatever your preferences are, they can be reflected in our photographs. We are trained to work in a low-key, unobtrusive manner. Our method is to capture the fun and excitement of the moment without overshadowing or annoying the you by calling attention to the photographer. We insist on floating unseen throughout the event in order to capture the raw and candid essence of each celebration. By meticulously plotting the sequences of your celebration’s events we are confident that every moment of your day will be photographed.

Since photographs are the only tangible mementos of once in a life time occasion, it’s important to take great care of the images captured. All of our pictures are custom printed and retouched to make sure they are of the highest quality. By overseeing the entire finishing process, we ensure consistent and superior quality, as well and the ability to crop photographs to our clients specifications. We offer a large selection of archival top- of-the line albums to fit every style and budget.

Most frequently, customers complain to us about having to many great images to decide on what to put in their albums. Most clients end with hundreds of photographs to sort through for one album. Which can be an intimidating process. When the time comes to make the final selections, an experienced photographer will assist to develop a story line for the album. We invite the you to preview the finished design before its is finalized and bound. We won’t be satisfied until the quality and sequential order of the album meets with the approval of all those involved. We take great pride not only in the high professionalism of our craft, but also in the personalized care we provide our customers with.

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