Photo and Video Documentaries

1. What's the photographer's primary style -- traditional, candid, or posed? (Go for someone whose forte is your favorite style.)

We specialize in a mixture of the 2 styles. We love the emotion and detail of photojournalism but we also pride ourselves in our “planned” shots as we like to call them. “Portraits” just seems so stiff and stuffy! We have a very whimsical, fun approach to these shots. We believe we get the best result this way.

2. What's the photographer's philosophy about shooting weddings? (This question will give you an idea of the shutterbug's expertise and passion for his work.)

A wedding is one of the most important days of a person’s life. At the end of the day, the cake has been eaten, the dress has been worn, the flowers have wilted, but your photos and video are left to document your day forever! We take the privilege of this job very seriously. Our staff is comprised of people who are masters in capturing the emotions and details of your day unobtrusively.

3. Does the photographer shoot in color, black and white, or both?

We photograph both color and black and white at no additional charge. We love capturing the colors that you worked so hard to coordinate for your event. We also greatly appreciate the more dramatic and artistic look black and white images offer.

4. How independent is the photographer? Does she prefer that you describe exactly what you want, or would she rather have free rein to capture the festivities on film? (This point determines how you two will work together.)

We have done so many weddings that we rarely get a list of specifics that are not already on ours list. But, the week prior to your wedding, the photographer makes a special point to finalize the details and see what is important to you. Including areas that might be awkward (divorced parents, family quirks etc.) just to make sure your photography & video is the least worry and stress on your very important day.

5. Has the photographer shot similar events as yours?

A Magic Moment has been in the Wedding/Celebrations business for over 15 years- and that’s all we do! From an intimate celebration to a elaborate extravaganza production we have done it all. All types of traditions and customs our photographers and videographers have seen it all.

6. How many weddings will the photographer shoot on your wedding weekend (or even on your wedding day)?

The photographer that comes to your wedding and only has one wedding that day… YOURS We are also available to cover other wedding events such as the rehearsal dinner, the bridal shower, the bridesmaids luncheon or tea, the golf outing etc.

7. Is the photographer open to a list of must-take photos (pictures you definitely want shot)?

Of course, it is your day after all

8. How does the photographer determine price? Are packages available? Can you get a price list?

Our pricing is determined by just a few factors:

1.The length of the coverage – you can hire us for just a few hours or for unlimited time. You can also hire us for a whole weekend of events should you choose.

2. Products included within your package. A package can include only the coverage. In this case we’ll post your images on our website and give a proofs CD. Or you can get a package that includes custom made albums, prints, thank you’s, proofs and more in addition to proofs CD, proofs book and images posted on our web site. Regardless of the package you buy from us, we photograph as many images needed to cover your event. The style of albums, the number of images included in them, the size of the albums and the extras all play a factor in determining the package fee. Please check our photography section to see samples of our albums.
Video packages:
The length of the coverage – you can hire us for just a few hours or for unlimited time. You can also hire us for a whole weekend of events
Style of video you would like. Please check our video section for descriptions.
DVD style you would like
Please submit our request form to receive a list of some of our suggested packages.

9. What kinds of equipment do you use?

We are a bunch of techno geeks over here and we have all the latest and greatest in Photo and Video gear. We use only the top-of-the-line, professional Film and Digital cameras. For video we use only broadcast quality cameras and editing suites. We constantly updating our equipment so listing names and models would be inaccurate. Please feel free to call us and ask if you are into this all techno mambo jumbo names.

10. How do you develop the film and print the images? Can you buy your negatives from the photographer?

After shooting your event we convert all of the images to digital and save all on to DVD’s. From this point we no longer touch the negatives. Retouching, cropping, and special effects are all done digitally. All the work is done by our professional staff to give you the best possible results. We have a lab that we work closely with for our printing and developing needs.

High resolution CD’s are available for release on your one year anniversary, but they must be requested.

11. Ask yourself: Does this seem like a person you could tolerate throughout your wedding day?

You'll want to feel very comfortable around your photographer. Rapport is important with all wedding professionals, but it's crucial here! Come on over and meet us in person, you’ll love us! :0)


12. What's the videographer's style -- artsy, documentary, or direct (interviews with wedding guests)?

We have several styles available, depends on what you want. Please check our videography section. The art of making a great video is to capture the moments that uniquely distinguish your event. The emotions, details, excitement, atmosphere and the people are all very important part of an event. Documenting the main events of your day, ceremony, reception is obvious but capturing and enhancing all those moments that make your video entertaining is our goal. Our duty is to capture and create for you a video that you’ll enjoy watching and sharing time after time. Every video we produce reflex the personality and style of the soles involved, hence every one of our video is different. We do not believe in cookie cutter videos. The most often comment we get from prospective clients when watching a sample is “I feel like I know them”. We invite you for a private screening to view several of our videos.

13. How does he or she coordinate with the event photographer? Has the videographer worked with your photographer before?

Since we do both Video and Photo, we are used to working with each other and thus we do not feel any need to compete for the best angle or shot. However we’ll be happy to work with other professionals on your events. After all it is not about us it’s is your day.

You live the magic, We capture the moment