Photo and Video Documentaries
A Magic Moment has been capturing memories since 1990. From the beginning, our mission was to focus on people. Over the years we earned a stellar reputation for beautiful wedding images. We have progressively built our clientele spanning generations of families. This derives from our level of service, the quality of our products, and from a non-compromising customized service. Our level of service and the quality of our products have enabled us to be placed on lists of preferred vendors for several premier hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Hilton, Walt Disney World’s Fairy Tale Weddings, Wyndham and Crown Plaza just to name a few.

Through a mixture of traditional and candid photos, we record the details and happenings of your event to preserve your memories. Black & white, color, photojournalistic, traditional, or contemporary—whatever your preferences are, they can be reflected in our photographs and video. Our unobtrusive style and eye for capturing the most precious moments of the day is our trademark. From an elaborate Hollywood production to the simplest documentary, our video editing ensures that you can relive every moment the way you remember it. Whether your event is a small, intimate affair on a beach in South Florida, a lavish extravaganza in the heart of Orlando, or a gathering of friends and family in Jacksonville and Tampa, we will be there to preserve your memories so your story can be told.

At the end of the day, your pictures and video are the only tangible mementos you have left to tell your story. Each moment captured reflecting some detail of that day, a joke shared between friends, a touch shared by ones who love, the music, the flowers, the cake, the linens, the theming…all the details and planning that go into any special event documenting a passage in our lives. And the people. Always capturing the people. Those who were there to share, to laugh, to love, to experience, and to write the story that unfolds.

Wedding photography and videography are the art of painting with light. Using the most advanced professional equipment and a strong technical excellence is a given here at A Magic Moment. Our highly skilled, uniquely talented, and well-schooled photographers are masters in the art of capturing the essence of your day. However technical expertise is not how we measure our success. Our proudest moments come when we see the effect of our images on you. When a picture takes your breath away, when you tear up reliving a precious family event or gathering of friends, when you receive and embrace for the first time an album that will be passed around the family for generations to come. When this happens, and it happens here everyday, we know our painted canvas is complete.

We would be honored to tell your story.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we could assist in the planning of your special event.

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You live the magic, We capture the moment